How Home remedies are better than Medicines for Herpes Infection?

Home Remedies Vs Medicines For Herpes Treatment

Here in this article we are going to compare between home remedies and medicines for herpes infection. We would also compare that whether you should pursue home remedies or medicines for managing the traits of it. So, let’s get started.herpes-treatment

First of all if we discuss about the medicines which you can use for managing the indications of herpes infection. You can find numbers of medicines such as Valtrex, Zovirex, Acyclovir, Famcyclovir, Valacyclovir and topical ointment and creams to manage the traits of herpes infection. You can use all the above mentioned medicines to better control herpes but it is generally not recommended for a long period of time. If you do follow these medicines for long then it could be your worst enemy. Always remember, these medicines are antiviral medicines that not only kills virus but is also kills the bad bacteria which are responsible for a better immunity. If you allow these medicines to assassinate good bacteria then your immunity doesn’t support you to fight from this virus. That is the reason why you should not allow these antiviral medicines to kill the good bacteria. This is not the only reason that can negatively influence your overall health but these medicines have numerous side effects too.

Side Effects Of Medicines Of Herpes

These medicines may produce many side effects from mild to moderate to severe. Nausea and head ache are two of the major side effects of using herpes medications. Diarrhea and vomiting may also present as side effects of acyclovir. You need to call your doctor right away if you are experiencing above mentioned side effects. However, these are moderate side effects but can anytime become serious if you still use these medicines. Dizziness, drowsiness, mood changes, agitation, confusion and trouble speaking area the some serious side effects that can emerge as side effects of using these medicines.  As all these are antiviral medicines that is why they may also lead to affect your kidney. Allergic reaction may also occur if you are allergic to these medicines. Severe dizziness and trouble in breathing is very rare but can possible. So, going for the medicines related treatment isn’t usually recommended but patients do follow these medicines excessively. Further we are going to discuss about how home remedies is far better than going for the medicines.

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Natural Remedies For Cold Sores

The very first thing that you need to know about home remedies is that home remedies is totally based on natural ingredients that is the reason why there is no chances of getting any side effects. Not only home remedies for herpes prevent side effects but it can be also used for boosting your overall immunity. A better immunity is an essential thing and hugely matters to manage the evolvement of herpes traits. It also gives the strength to fight from HSV1 as well as HSV2. There are numbers of ingredients accessible that be used for treating the condition of herpes infection. Elderberry is an herb that is very well known for its immune boosting properties. During the outbreaks of herpes infection many patients do suffer from watery lesion and painful watery blister. In such condition it is better to apply baking soda for absorbing the fluids from the wounds. It also has holistic antiviral properties that can be used for better managing the traits of herpes-typesthis infection. Alternatively if you don’t have access over the baking soda then you can go for the cornstarch because it is also a great source of fluids observer. All kinds of herpes virus really hate amino acids and that it what lysine provides you. Regular use of lysine can immensely help you to better manage the condition of herpes infection. Lemon balm holds the power of flavonoids and phenolic acids that helps speeding up the healing process of herpes infection.

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