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Natural Remedies for Herpes Zoster – Have You Heard About It ?

May be you will know that there are so many treatment options to treat herpes zoster but, do you ever heard or used natural remedies for herpes zoster treatment? If not, it is high time for you to use because this is the best way to cure any kind of problem. Herpes zoster is also known as shingles. Herpes zoster is an infection which is caused by varicella zoster virus. This is the same virus that causes chicken pox. Shingles is a viral infection that causes painful rashes. Although, shingles can occur anywhere in the body, most often it appears only one side of your body. After you have had chicken pox, the virus inert in your nerve tissue near your spinal cord and brain. After years, the virus may reactivate as a herpes zoster (shingles). This is a very common condition in United States studies show.

Causes and Symptoms of Herpes Zoster

This virus can stay dormant in your nerve system for years after you had chicken pox. Eventually, it may reactivate and travel through your nerve system to your skin and cause shingles. Why anyone can get this disease this is totally unclear.  But according to studies you can get this disease because of your low immunity. That’s why older adults and people with weak immune system are more often to get this disease. Varicella zoster is the virus and it belongs to the herpes simplex viruses, which includes cold sores and genital herpes. You must be thinking that is herpes zoster contagious? Yes, this is contagious. This usually occurs through direct contact with the open sores of the shingle rash. Chicken pox can be dangerous for some people and the people are-anyone who has weak immune system, new born babies and pregnant women. Herpes zoster only affects one side of your body and some other sign and symptoms are

  • Pain, burning and numbness
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • A red rash that begins a few days after the pain
  • Itching
  • Fever
  • Headache

As I said there are so many herpes zoster treatments but natural treatment can do what others can’t do to cure this condition. Yes, natural things do exist for and not only exist they can be the best herpes zoster treatment. What are those natural remedies, read below?

natural cure for herpes

Natural Remedies for Herpes

  1. Apple cider vinegar ACV has anti-microbial property that has the ability to cleanse the blisters which is caused by herpes zoster. It has been used to treat various kinds of problems since thousands of years.
  • How to use- Take a cotton ball and soak it in apple cider vinegar. After that apply that cotton ball on your affected area. You have to rub that cotton on your blister without peeling the skin on the blisters. You can feel instant relief right after the application of this ingredient.
  1. Organic honey Honey is the best and very common ingredient in every Indian house. Honey has natural pain healer and skin reviving agent that can clear the blister very effectively. Read more to get details about honey and herpes.
  • How to use- Take a bandage and apply honey on it and place it on the affected area. Make sure that you have covered all the affected part of the skin. Honey can cure this condition if you apply this on a regular basis.
  1. Aloe vera- Aloe vera for herpes. Due to its cooling and soothing property it has been the best and effective herpes zoster treatment. It can soothe the affected skin and it can also minimize the pain and itching. Aloe vera can regenerate the damaged cells of the body.
  • How to use- you just need to apply aloe vera gel directly on your affected area. If you want you can grow aloe vera plant in your backyard.


Just understand one thing that even you use natural or homeopathic remedy there is no cure for herpes zoster. But if you want to cure herpes zoster’s symptoms, natural treatment is the best herpes zoster treatment. This is the only treatment that you can use without taking a tension of getting any side effects. These ingredients are very effective as well as affordable.  You can buy these ingredients from any super market.  Encourage everyone who is suffering from this condition to use herpes zoster treatment with natural ingredients.

Herpes-How Nature is Boon for Herpes Patients

How Nature Is Boon For Herpes Patients

Herpes Can Be Transmitted To Anyone By Skin To Skin Contact

How does the herpes virus actually spread? Well the answer is extremely bright. Herpes simplex virus is a hugely infectious therefore any kinds of contact to the herpes simplex virus can lead the ailment of herpes. To be specific there are numbers of factors have been associated with the ailment of herpes infection. Anybody can catch this virus in their body through the normal exposure to the virus. Genital herpes mostly spreads by having sex. This means if you ever have had the unsafe sexual intercourse with the herpes patient then you’re extremely prone to the herpes condition. Few other kinds of sex such as anal sex and oral sex can also cause to the genitalhow-herpes-is-contagious herpes. As far as the query of the causes of oral herpes is concerned, you can comfortably get this virus in your body by kissing a herpes infected person. There’re certain other causes have been associated which can lead to the oral form of herpes. Suppose if anyone has genital herpes and you do an oral sex then you’ll get this virus in your body. If you use contaminated utensils then there are huge probabilities that you are gonna receive herpes disease sooner. Following contaminated things such as lipstick, sharing lip balm, following infected towel & touching cold sores may lead to the condition. These’re extremely common ways that can lead to the illness of herpes.

Natural Treatments Over Medicines

Are you the one who is going through the condition of herpes disease? If yes, then this article is only for you. We are gonna discuss about how, using medicines may cause certain bad effects. We’ll also converse about what are the major side effects you might go through if you are pursuing medicaments related treatment to cope up with herpes malady.
At any time, you go to your practitioner for asking the remedy options of herpes infection the practitioner generally suggest certain types of medicaments & creams. It is commonly seen that the patients usually get convinced by the physician and they start using these medicines. They don’t even ask for the possible bad effects of using these medicaments. True that these medicaments can little bit support you controlling your herpes severity but they produce numerous unwanted side effects. Most often medicaments such as topical ointments, antibacterial ointments, acyclovir, valacyclovir, famcyclovir, Valtrex & zovirax are used through the herpes patient as well as doctors also recommend these medicaments. All these medicines & creams mainly produce many bad effects. The very general side effects of acyclovir are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. If you are using up above mentioned medicines then you may also get the side effects like malaise, head pain and sometimes mouth ache. There’re great many unwanted effects have been connected with the illness of herpes infection such as irritability, decreased appetite, tiredness, discomfort while sleeping, discouragement & decreased frequency of urine. Many herpes medicaments generally produce above mentioned unwanted effects however this medicine may also produce certain intense unwanted effects like blood in urine or in stool, changes in behavior, discomfort while speaking and difficulties in swallowing.

Problems Faced By Herpes Patients

We are conscious about the fact that herpes malady is a very common infection all over the world. That’s why if you are suffering from the malady of herpes illness then this illness may lead to the social disconnection of yours. Yes, it is a true truth. Nowadays herpes illness can be called a symbol of social disconnection. However, if the society’s persons do not have sufficient information regarding the disease of social-stigma-for-herpes-patientherpes then you may not experience any social disconnection. The similar situation exists surrounding me where a person going through the condition of herpes malady but except me no one knows from what sickness he is going through.
Although, most of the civilized society or habitats conscious regarding what herpes really is? They know that if he ever came into exposure with the herpes patient they’ll definitely get this sickness for whole life. That is why they afraid from this ailment & this fear lead the social disconnection of herpes patient. In other way we may also name this situation as a social stigma. The herpes infection becomes slur after the creation of hype by the different types of medical practitioner for advertising the drugs. through the social disconnection the patient commonly experiences that there is no one who care them and social isolation also cause the huge anxiety as well as some times make homicidal. Just because of social taint the patient also experiences the fear of spurning and fear of being found. Although, by the going time these fears mainly tend to gentle and people can live more normal life than initially they lived.

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