Use Lysine And Treat Cold Sores Faster


Are Lysine and Cold Sores True Enemies?

Just the name cold sores can influence your mind. Cold sores are one of the worst feelings experienced by a number of herpes patients. Cold sores often develop on the mouth and the area around the lips. They are developed on your mouth due to the presence of herpes virus in your body. Herpes is a sexually transmitted virus that causes painful cold sores and blisters. It is really hard to conceal the cold sores on your mouth as you cannot hide your face. They can become a matter of self-consciousness and embarrassment for a lot of herpes patients.

Herpes outbreaks are painful, unsightly as well as contagious. Once you get the virus, it will be with you throughout your life. It may lie dormant but it does not go away. It can spread even if you have no sign of the virus. The question is – “how to get rid of these annoying cold sores?” Is there any natural treatment that can cure the cold sores faster? If you are a herpes patient, you may have the same question in your mind. Well, yes, there is a natural treatment for herpes outbreaks. Lysine and herpes outbreaks– a much- awaited herpes treatment.

In 1980, before there were effective antivirals for herpes, the amino acid lysine was regarded as a potential treatment for herpes virus. Lysine has been used for the treatment and prevention of cold sores and some people even believe that it also helps in canker sores. Lysine is actually an amino acid that is available in both food sources and in supplement forms. It is an essential amino acid that your body does not produce on its own.

lysine for cold sores

You can get this from other sources such as foods rich in lysine. Lysine and herpes outbreaks are related to each other. It is one of the building blocks of proteins and also necessary to produce carnitine that is necessary to convert fatty acids into energy. Lysine also helps to lower cholesterol and used to absorb calcium, helps in the formation of collagens that are used in connective tissues, skin and tendons.

Lysine for cold sores is known as one of the best natural supplement due to its antiviral properties. The powerful antiviral properties of lysine help to inhibit the growth of the virus and reduce the appearance of cold sores quickly. It also inhibits the growth of the arginine that is needed to replicate the virus. That’s why some researchers have found that lysine prevents cold sores from getting worse. The best part of the lysine is that it boosts the immune system. A healthy immune system helps to fight off infections and protects you from the attack of different types of viruses such as herpes.

lysine rich foods

The common sources of amino acid are pork, cheese, yogurt, fish and wheat germ. Lysine is available in the form of ointment also. You can apply lysine cream on the cold sores and blisters for getting relief from the pain and itching. You can even take lysine orally by adding the foods rich in lysine. Some people suggested much higher dosages but it can give negative results. You need to take lysine in recommended dosages.

The suggested dose of lysine supplement when the sore is just developing is to take 3.000 mg daily. You should take 1000 mg 3 times a day with breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also suggested to take 50 mg of zinc a day and 500 mg of vitamin C as this will give a boost to your immune system. Also avoid eating foods such as chocolate, seeds and nuts.

lysine and herpes

Lysine is usually sold as L-lysine and available in many forms. They are available in the form of liquid, tablets, capsules and pastes. It is sold as a dietary supplement to aid prevention of herpes outbreaks. So, you can try lysine in any form. Dealing with fever blisters is painful, embarrassing and annoying too. Taking lysine supplement on the daily basis can help to lessen the chances of getting cold sores. So, if you are also experiencing cold sores on the mouth and lips, try lysine supplements. Your sores will go away within some days and you can go anywhere without any hesitation.

Although lysine is purely side-effects free, if you still are hypersensitive to it, we have many other forms of natural cure for herpes apart from it. Visit to get more details.

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