How effective are natural remedies for herpes?

Facts About Herpes

Herpes is a most common sexually transmitted disease. Herpes is a skin infection which is caused by the virus called herpes simplex virus (HSV 1 oral herpes) and the other one is (HSV 2 genital herpes). It is very painful and itchy disease and it generally seen in men and in women also. You can see this as red small, swelled, liquid filled blisters and open sores in near eye, mouth, lips and genitals. Herpes virus enters your body through direct or indirect contact with infected person. It is highly contagious diseases and it’s easily spread from one person to another person. So try to make distance from infected person because it can give you more serious disease like brain infection, cancer and chicken pox. According to researches there no vaccine or medicine to remove this disease but if you use natural remedies it will give you more relaxation than medicine or drug. Many people are dealing this problem with the help of natural remedies and according to them natural remedy dost not have any side effect. Some symptoms of herpes are

Genital herpes symptoms areGenital herpes symptoms for herpes natural remedies

  • Pain and itchiness in the genital areas.
  • Red and white blisters which can turn into bleeding ulcers.
  • Formation of the scabs on the affected area.
  • Pain while urination.
  • Swollen nymph nodes on the groin area.
  • Busted sores in vaginal are and buttocks.

Cold sores symptoms areCold sores symptoms for herpes natural remedies

  • Blisters on the lip or around the mouth.
  • You feel difficulty while speaking, swallowing and in eating.
  • Fever sore throat.
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the throat and neck.
  • Drooling only in children.

Chickenpox symptoms are

  • Red and itchy rashes which usually looks like insect bite manly on chest, back and face
  • Liquid filled blisters.Chickenpox symptoms for herpes natural remedies
  • You can’t feel hunger.
  • Fever
  • Pain in the abdominal area
  • Headaches
  • Dry cough

You can channelize herpes virus by fever blisters, increased lymph nodes and mouth sores. Most commonly it appears on the lips, mouth but, in some case it can appear in your chin, fingertip and nostrils. On the other hand chickenpox can cause by herpes zoster virus and it is very contagious disease. So try to keep distance from infected person.  Herpes zoster virus can cause shingle disease as well. One of the most common factors in those diseases is your week immune system. Today i am going to tell you some natural remedies which can give you relief from these diseases. Using these remedies can’t remove this disease properly but it can give some relaxation that you can continue living a normal life.

Olive oil-

olive oil for herpes natural remediesOlive oil for herpes. olive oil can be used to treat many treatments naturally. If you are facing skin related problems, you can use this oil to take its benefits. Consuming olive oil on a regular basis is can prevent heart related problems and many other diseases. If your digestion system is week due to lack of fiber in four foods, in that situation you can also use olive oil to improve your digestive system. Herpes grows easily and faster when your immune system become week or you are in stress because that time your body does not produce enough protein. Olive oil has the ability to improve your immune system and stops the herpes virus to grow. Undoubtedly, olive oil is an outstanding natural herpes remedy that can cure you in a really amazing way.


garlic for herpes natural remediesGarlic is one of the most magical ingredients that you can use this in many treatments. According to researches it gives you very effective results when it comes to fight against virus. You can treat numerous problems by using just a garlic clove. Studies show that garlic can remove bacteria and viruses just in 30 seconds and garlic juice has very impactful effect on herpes simplex 1 and simplex 2. Garlic has the ability to remove the virus through direct contact. Peel and cut the garlic clove and rub it on your cold sores repeat this motion between in every one hour throughout the day. You can also take garlic bath but make sure your genital and mouth merge in water properly for that you can use bath tub. Read more to know about the benefits of garlic for herpes.


honey for herpes natural remediesHoney is a natural gift of nature for us. We can use honey in many treatments like acne, tan removal and also in herpes outbreaks. Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties so, it can easily work on your outbreaks. Gently put honey on your sores but, before you’re going to put honey on your sores make sure you wear gloves. Try this method at-least for 4 times in a day. If you use manuka honey it will gives you your desired result. Because this honey contains all natural ingredient.

Aloe vera-

aleo vera for herpes natural remediesIt has the great ability to treat problems in a natural way. It also used in numerous problems. Aloe vera is very affordable as well as it does not have any side effects. According to researches aloe vera can stop genital herpes outbreaks. Aloe vera has property named athroquinine (emodin) works to stop the function of certain cells in which herpes virus can grow fast. Using aloe vera gel or aloe vera cream can reduce the symptoms of herpes. It’s in the research that using aloe vera can stop the outbreaks of herpes in some situations very effectively. When it comes to use topically aloe vera than you can use in sunburn, cold sores and burns. It heals wounds and cuts very effectively and fast. You can gently apply this gel gently on your affected area with the help of gloves. If you want to know more about aloevera and herpes, click here.

Essential oils-

Essential oils like jojoba oil, coconut oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil and tea tree oil they all are effective in treating herpes symptoms. It has antiviral and anti-bacterial property which can make give you relief from this infection. You can use tea tree oil or any oil which I have mentioned in this article. Gently apply oil on your cold sores at-least for 4 -5 times in a day. If you have any allergy or sensitive skin, you can mix this oil with coconut oil or jojoba oil.

Ice packs/ cubes-

This is again one of the effective way to treat this disease. Putting ice cubes on your affected area can give you relief from pain, itchiness and discomfort which can cause by herpes. You just have to put ice cubes on your affected area for 15-20 minutes only 3-4 times in a day.

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Herpes-How Nature is Boon for Herpes Patients

How Nature Is Boon For Herpes Patients

Herpes Can Be Transmitted To Anyone By Skin To Skin Contact

How does the herpes virus actually spread? Well the answer is extremely bright. Herpes simplex virus is a hugely infectious therefore any kinds of contact to the herpes simplex virus can lead the ailment of herpes. To be specific there are numbers of factors have been associated with the ailment of herpes infection. Anybody can catch this virus in their body through the normal exposure to the virus. Genital herpes mostly spreads by having sex. This means if you ever have had the unsafe sexual intercourse with the herpes patient then you’re extremely prone to the herpes condition. Few other kinds of sex such as anal sex and oral sex can also cause to the genitalhow-herpes-is-contagious herpes. As far as the query of the causes of oral herpes is concerned, you can comfortably get this virus in your body by kissing a herpes infected person. There’re certain other causes have been associated which can lead to the oral form of herpes. Suppose if anyone has genital herpes and you do an oral sex then you’ll get this virus in your body. If you use contaminated utensils then there are huge probabilities that you are gonna receive herpes disease sooner. Following contaminated things such as lipstick, sharing lip balm, following infected towel & touching cold sores may lead to the condition. These’re extremely common ways that can lead to the illness of herpes.

Natural Treatments Over Medicines

Are you the one who is going through the condition of herpes disease? If yes, then this article is only for you. We are gonna discuss about how, using medicines may cause certain bad effects. We’ll also converse about what are the major side effects you might go through if you are pursuing medicaments related treatment to cope up with herpes malady.
At any time, you go to your practitioner for asking the remedy options of herpes infection the practitioner generally suggest certain types of medicaments & creams. It is commonly seen that the patients usually get convinced by the physician and they start using these medicines. They don’t even ask for the possible bad effects of using these medicaments. True that these medicaments can little bit support you controlling your herpes severity but they produce numerous unwanted side effects. Most often medicaments such as topical ointments, antibacterial ointments, acyclovir, valacyclovir, famcyclovir, Valtrex & zovirax are used through the herpes patient as well as doctors also recommend these medicaments. All these medicines & creams mainly produce many bad effects. The very general side effects of acyclovir are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. If you are using up above mentioned medicines then you may also get the side effects like malaise, head pain and sometimes mouth ache. There’re great many unwanted effects have been connected with the illness of herpes infection such as irritability, decreased appetite, tiredness, discomfort while sleeping, discouragement & decreased frequency of urine. Many herpes medicaments generally produce above mentioned unwanted effects however this medicine may also produce certain intense unwanted effects like blood in urine or in stool, changes in behavior, discomfort while speaking and difficulties in swallowing.

Problems Faced By Herpes Patients

We are conscious about the fact that herpes malady is a very common infection all over the world. That’s why if you are suffering from the malady of herpes illness then this illness may lead to the social disconnection of yours. Yes, it is a true truth. Nowadays herpes illness can be called a symbol of social disconnection. However, if the society’s persons do not have sufficient information regarding the disease of social-stigma-for-herpes-patientherpes then you may not experience any social disconnection. The similar situation exists surrounding me where a person going through the condition of herpes malady but except me no one knows from what sickness he is going through.
Although, most of the civilized society or habitats conscious regarding what herpes really is? They know that if he ever came into exposure with the herpes patient they’ll definitely get this sickness for whole life. That is why they afraid from this ailment & this fear lead the social disconnection of herpes patient. In other way we may also name this situation as a social stigma. The herpes infection becomes slur after the creation of hype by the different types of medical practitioner for advertising the drugs. through the social disconnection the patient commonly experiences that there is no one who care them and social isolation also cause the huge anxiety as well as some times make homicidal. Just because of social taint the patient also experiences the fear of spurning and fear of being found. Although, by the going time these fears mainly tend to gentle and people can live more normal life than initially they lived.

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